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Investors Secure Groundbreaking Climate-related Resolutions from Major Corporations

Record-high number of shareholder resolutions filed in 2014 proxy season drives more aggressive action by top companies on climate change related issues, reports Ceres.

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Scientists Alarmed Over Record Decline of Polar Ice Sheets

Extensive mapping of Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets shows that ice crusts of both regions are in momentarily decline at an unprecedented rate.

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August 19th is Earth Overshoot Day for 2014

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date this year that our global Ecological Footprint exceeds our planet’s annual budget, putting uneven pressure on national economies.

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New Reports Raise Serious Concerns about Electricity and Water

Expansion of conventional thermo-electric power production and economic growth will be constrained by 2040 because water supplies may be insufficient, warn new reports.

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Climate Data from 2013 Reflect Trends of a Warming Planet

In 2013, vast majority of worldwide climate indicators - greenhouse gases, sea levels, global temperatures, sea ice extent, cloud cover, ocean salinity, snow cover - reflected trends of a warmer ...

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