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Deforestation in Supply Chains Leaves Business Exposed

New CDP report shows that nearly 90% of companies understand how deforestation would affect their supply chains, and see opportunities in shifting to sustainable sourcing of key commodities.

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Global Carbon Neutrality Should be Reached by Second Half of Century

For the world to stay within 2°C temperature limit, total greenhouse gas emissions including non-CO2 must shrink to net zero by 2070, warns UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report 2014.

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Water Risk Threatens Business Growth for World's Largest Companies

CDP's Global Water Report 2014 finds that 2/3 of world's largest companies are reporting exposure to serious water risks, some of which have potential to limit economic growth.

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Climate Change Threatens Irreversible and Dangerous Impacts

IPCC Synthesis Report confirms that climate change is being registered around the world and warming of climate system is unequivocal, also offers hope that options exist to limit its effects.

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Just 3% of Large Listed Companies Report on All Basic Sustainability Metrics

New report finds that only 129 of 4,069 largest companies listed on the world’s stock exchanges are disclosing the most basic sustainability information.

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