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U.S. Regions & Businesses Face Significant Economic Risks from Climate Change

According to Risky Business report, US economy could face significant, widespread disruptions from climate change unless businesses, policymakers take immediate action.

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Illegal Wildlife and Timber Trade Funding Organised Crime

Illegal trade in wildlife & timber products is financing criminal, militia & terrorist groups, also threatening security and sustainable development, finds new report from UNEP & INTERPOL.

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New Study Analyzes Economic, Health Benefits of Climate-Smart Policies

Smart policies can deliver significant economic and health benefits, as well as help reduce emissions to combat climate change, says new World Bank report.

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Over 90% People in India Feel Climate Change is a Reality

TERI's Environmental Survey 2014 of residents of eight major cities of India provides usual insights into attitudes and perceptions regarding environment and climate change.

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Sea Level Rise in Small Island Nations to Cost Trillions in Annual Economic Loss

Sea level rise in world's 52 small island nations, estimated to be four times the global average, is the most pressing threat to their environment and socioeconomic development with annual ...

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